How To Use TikTok: An Ultimate Guide

February 15, 2023 by No Comments

TikTok is a massive opportunity for expansion that you may be missing out on if you haven’t started using it yet.

Over 700 million monthly users were reached in June of last year, a significant milestone for the app. There has never been a better time to learn the ropes of TikTok than now, as its popularity continues to skyrocket.

From creating an account to uploading your first video, this beginner’s guide has you covered.

To begin, what is TikTok?

Even though the popularity of the video-sharing app TikTok seems to have emerged out of nowhere, it has actually been around for quite some time.

ByteDance, based in Beijing, launched TikTok in 2016, and it quickly became popular among Chinese members of Generation Z. But it wasn’t until 2017 that ByteDance really took off in North America and Europe, after it bought another video-sharing platform (

TikTok boasted 55 million MAUs in 2018. Revenue for the firm is expected to hit $1.2 trillion in 2021.
TikTok Account Creation Guide

Creating an account on TikTok and learning the ropes of the app is required prior to getting down to the serious business of uploading videos.

How? Read on!

The First Step Is To Join

Go to your device’s app store to get the TikTok app. When you launch TikTok, you’ll be taken to the “For You” page.

The “Me” tab is located in the right-hand corner of the screen from there. To begin, enter your contact information (such as a phone number or email address) or login with one of your existing social media profiles.

Next, look at the content on the “For You” and “Discover” pages.
TikTok is no different than other social media in that it sees trends come and go quickly. Therefore, you should move quickly if you want to make the most of a trend.

Simply browsing the “For You” and “Discover” sections is the most efficient way to stay abreast of the latest daily trends.

Keep up with (and interact with) Other Creators Who Think Like You

Intent on piquing the interest of a particular demographic? Take into account the media they would enjoy, the brands they would support, and the creators they would interact with the most.

After you’ve done some digging, head over to the brands’ and creators’ TikTok pages to see what they’re posting. If you think their message meshes with your own, you should follow them.

Finding out what kinds of videos your intended viewers like to watch is a fantastic way to better understand them, as well as to get a sense of what’s trending and where your attention should be focused.

Also, interacting with other content creators is recommended if you want to grow a loyal following on your TikTok channel.

What You Need to Know About Making Videos for TikTok

No need to stress about the quality of your first TikTok video.

It is far more vital to have a solid creative idea.

You don’t need to be an editing wizard to succeed on TikTok because the app celebrates raw, unpolished, and genuine expression.

The First Step: Create Your Own TikTok Video
To get going, just hit the “+” button in the screen’s centre lower corner. If you press this, your camera will open.

Play around with the recording speed, set up a self-timer, add a sound or filter, and become familiar with the many in-app effects that TikTok offers by using the icons on the screen.
Part 2: Repercussions, Choruses, and Obstacles

After mastering the fundamentals, you can add effects, participate in challenges, and duet with other viral videos to make your own content stand out.

The “Effects” button can be found at the bottom of the screen while recording. These after-effects are at the heart of many current issues and opportunities for TikTok.
Completing challenges and making effective use of effects require some practise.

TikTok also has a fun and useful feature where users can film duets. You can record with other creators while watching their videos at the same time using the duet recording mode. Simply select an existing video by tapping the arrow button, and then select “Duet,” to create a duet. Thirdly, you’ll be putting your content online.

Putting a caption under your finished video and clicking “Post” is the final step. Posting at peak times and including pertinent hashtags are two other ways to expand your audience.

Marketing Your Business on TikTok

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: millions of TikTok users are eager for fresh, engaging, entertaining, and instructive videos. Plenty of businesses are already successfully delivering branded content to these customers.

Branded videos that do well on TikTok mimic the content that regular users share, with the same emphasis on riding trends while maintaining an organic vibe.
To be successful on TikTok, however, you need not have an already-established brand or a large number of followers.

A profile with no followers at all can still become popular if its content strikes a chord with enough people.
Participate in a challenge (or launch your own), humanise your brand with behind-the-scenes content, or capitalise on the “life hack” craze by making instructional videos.

The best way to learn how to use TikTok, or any other social media platform, is to dive right in and start playing around. And now that you know the fundamentals, you’re good to go.