How To Determine Popular TikTok Hashtags To Get More Views?

February 23, 2023 by No Comments

These days, hashtags aren’t limited to social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. The hashtag has also been adopted by TikTok as a means of organising user-generated content and making it more discoverable.

TikTok makes the use of hashtags even more important because it is a means by which your content can be discovered by users who do not already follow you. They increase the likelihood of your videos being featured in the Discover section of the app, where users go to discover new and interesting material.

TikTok has a lot of content, so it can be challenging to figure out which hashtags will help your videos get seen by the right people. To help you get more views on your TikTok videos, we’ve compiled some advice on how to locate the most popular and trending hashtags currently being used on the platform.

Which Hashtags Are Popular on TikTok?

TikTok is largely unusable without hashtags. They organise content in folders much like Twitter or Instagram. TikTok’s trending hashtags can be found in the Discover section, which features the most widely used tags on the app.

How Come Trending Hashtags Matter On the video sharing platform TikTok
TikTok’s hashtags are integral because they are tied to the platform’s algorithm, which decides which videos show up on a user’s “For You” page. Some of the many reasons why trending hashtags are so important are as follows:

The ability to be discovered means that even a brand new account with few or no followers can potentially reach millions of people. Hashtags are great because they allow users to easily organise content by topic. Hashtag usage is completely decentralised, with no central authority dictating when or how often a given hashtag is used.
With the help of hashtags, your videos will be exposed to a wider audience than just your followers. More people who are interested in your content will find you.

Make a following: If your videos use popular and timely TikTok hashtags, you can build a dedicated audience who will eagerly await your next upload.
Hashtags not only attract new users who are interested in your content’s topic, but also increase engagement in the form of likes, shares, and comments, which can help you grow your following and strengthen your community.

Participating in popular TikTok challenges is a great way to increase your profile’s and videos’ views. Try out the latest fad when it hits because millions of other people will be doing the same thing.
While some of the TikTok challenges may be easier to complete than others, taking part in the craze is a fun way to gain exposure for your content and demonstrate that you’re engaged with the app.

Trending TikTok Hashtags: Where to Find Them

It’s time to take a look at where you can find popular TikTok hashtags to incorporate into your own videos.

Examine the Tab

The Discover tab provides a categorised list of the most popular users, videos, sounds, and hashtags on the platform, making it simple to find out which terms are trending at any given time.

TikTok’s “For You” page is a quick and easy way to find out what’s popular on the app. TikTok’s home page, called For You, is a curated feed of videos. It’s possible that not all of the content featured on the For You page is contributed by people who are currently in your follow list. They can, instead, be videos that the TikTok algorithm thinks you’ll like based on your previous viewing habits.

Videos that make it to TikTok’s front page receive a lot of views, so it’s worthwhile to keep an eye on which hashtags appear frequently on the For You page.

See Who You’re Talking To

Insight into the potential interests of your audience can be gained by observing the hashtags they use and the accounts they follow.

The analytics section of your account will provide you with information about your audience, including the number of people who have viewed your profile, the people who have followed you, and the average amount of time they spend watching your videos.

If you want to appeal to your intended audience, you should study their online behaviour to learn what kinds of content they like to consume. Reach more people who share their interests by using popular TikTok hashtags.

Locate Subjects That Are Similar to Your Niche

The most popular hashtags on TikTok can be discovered by watching videos on topics related to your own. Do some research into related areas to the content you create to learn more about the best hashtags to use.

Examine the Rivalry

Finding popular hashtags on TikTok can be facilitated by learning about the competition. Explore the accounts of your rivals and take note of the hashtags they use in their most successful videos. See which hashtags aren’t working by checking out their other posts.

Strike a Balance

Your videos’ success depends on using a mix of popular and specific hashtags. Consider what your fans would type into a video search engine if they were in your shoes.

Your videos could get lost in the sea of hundreds of thousands of others using the same hashtags if you choose ones that are too general. Don’t use hashtags that only a small subset of your target audience would look for.

Highlights and Lessons

Your TikTok videos’ discoverability and engagement can be boosted by using trending hashtags. You can’t afford to ignore the latest trends and difficulties without them, and they are also essential for fostering meaningful conversations and communities among your followers.

Select a hashtag from the Discover tab’s list of most popular hashtags that you think would work for your content.
Your video may be featured on TikTok’s For You page if it is particularly well received. Take notice of the trending hashtags.
Knowing which hashtags may work for your videos depends greatly on the demographics and viewing habits of your followers.