6 Best TikTok Feature To Get More Views

February 22, 2023 by No Comments

Although the idea behind TikTok, where users can make or view short videos, is straightforward, the app itself is not particularly user-friendly.

You may have heard the terms stitching and duetting thrown around, but you may not know what they actually are or how to use them. Still others may present you with a novel and unexpected approach to app content creation.

Here’s a rundown of some of TikTok’s more obscure functions and how they’re used.

Duet Video

Anyone who has used TikTok for any length of time has probably witnessed a duet. These are the videos that feature a split-screen setup, with the original video on the right and the new video created by the person making the duet on the left.

Any video that supports duets can be used to make a collaborative performance. To duet with a specific video, just navigate to the clip and click the share button on the right. Then, select Duet from the menu. Make a duet with viral video to get popular on the platform.

Stitch video

Stitches function similarly to duets, but their presentation is slightly different, with the source video appearing briefly before the new one begins to play. This means that there is no split-screen, but rather the two images appear sequentially.
Tap the share button on the right side of the screen to make a merged video. Here, you’ll want to select Stitch rather than Duet.
The purpose of stitching is to add a response to a video or a related thought. It’s also a fun way to join the conversation and see how various people respond to the same open question. Only the first five seconds of a stitched video can be used before your own begins, so it’s important to restate the original creator’s points in your own video.

A Guide to Creating and Sharing Videos on TikTok

TikTok follows in the footsteps of popular social media apps like Instagram and Snapchat by letting its users post “Stories” that are deleted after 24 hours. Your profile picture will also be surrounded by a blue ring, letting other people know they can tap on it to see your Stories.

Stories that are shared on TikTok will have a separate tab next to the comments section where you can see how many times your story has been viewed. The audience can respond and comment publicly, and these interactions will be displayed within the story itself.

The ‘Story’ option is accessible by swiping up from the ‘post’ button in the bottom-center of the navigation bar. Then, either shoot a video there and then or select one from your gallery.

Make some changes to your video — Stories use the same editing tools as regular TikTok videos. When you’re ready to add it to your story, select the “Post to story” upload icon.

Create your own TikTok sound: a step-by-step guide

You can use audio from other TikToks, but you can also record your own. For the sake of sharing your hard work, you may want to make your custom sound available to other TikTok users.
Launch a video that features your custom sound effect, then press the record button (it looks like a spinning record) in the video’s upper right corner to save the sound.

You can customise the title by clicking the edit button next to it. To permanently store your changes, simply select the Save option.
Whether you’ve come up with a catchy phrase or a brand new song, you can use a custom TikTok sound to lay claim to it as your own that may go viral on TikTok. Important beyond its apparent significance, this newsletter features an interview with the creator of several viral audios who discusses her encounters with brands’ illegal use of her work.

Methods for mimicking the work of popular TikTok makers

Green screens, interactive backgrounds, and facial masks are just a few of the hundreds of visual effects available on TikTok. When you find a video with a cool effect, you can quickly find similar videos or even create your own using the same effect.

In the video’s lower left corner, the effect’s name will appear; tapping it will bring up a list of related searches. Click the “Use this effect” button at the video’s bottom to apply it to your own creation. More effects are available when you click the “Effects” button in the screen’s lower left corner.

Tutorial on Making a Video Reply

To interact with your viewers and give them what they want, try using video responses. You may have seen TikToks like the one below, in which the creator makes a new video in response to a commenter’s question.
By simply holding down on the comment you wish to respond to, you will be able to access the camera and begin recording your video response. The remark will show up as a widget, but you can control how long it stays up. You should only use it briefly at the beginning and end.

Take advantage of the app’s various tools to boost interaction

A large portion of the app’s functionality is focused on fostering communication between users. You can Duet with another user’s video or start a new fad by adding your own original music. Before starting work on any piece of content for an app, consider how best to facilitate user interaction with you or your brand.