5 Ways To Use TikTok Advertising To Enhance Your Business

One of the hottest apps on the social media platform is TikTok. It has more than 850 million active users every month. TikTok is very trendy among the younger generation and kids. Since TikTok launched in 2016, it has taken the world by storm and become the world’s second most downloaded app. Additionally, marketers are choosing this platform to promote thrift brands and to get success on TikTok. 

Why Is TikTok So Successful?

TikTok is a video-sharing application that allows users to record up to 60 seconds of videos with music and filters. It is the first app that offers 15 seconds or less video accompanied by background and audio clips. Additionally, in TikTok, you can apply effects, filters, and attractive stickers in your videos. Also, you can post challenges to increase your brand reach to a wider audience. 

How Does TikTok Work?

Every business goal is to expand its brand reach and to get huge followers and subscribers to its accounts. In every social media network, you need to grow a massive audience to increase your business growth. Similarly, the TikTok algorithm evaluates the content with a huge number of followers. So it is necessary to improve your follower growth on TikTok. Are you thinking about how to increase your followers on TikTok?. When you buy TikTok shares, you can instantly increase followers to your account. 

Also, you can make engaging content go viral on the platform to reach millions of new audiences to your TikTok profile. You may think about how to create compelling content to reach a massive audience and to promote your brand. In this post, I’ll share five interesting ways to use TikTok aversing and to enhance your business on the platform. 

#1. Share Entertaining Content 

On TikTok, one entertaining content is equal to a viral video, so now you may know how funny content is important on TikTok. The more funny videos you share, the more new followers you will receive for your TikTok account. Entertaining content has the potential to rule the world. So posting funny videos regularly will increase your account reach to a wider audience, and it makes your followers want to share with their friends. With this, you can get many likes, views, and shares for your TikTok video. Also, you can create a challenge and boost your followers to participate in it to drive more traffic to your site. 

#2. In Feed Advertising 

TikTok in feed ads is similar to Snapchat story ads. These in-feed ads are short videos that are displayed on the user discover page in between the other videos. It appears as a full screen, so it can easily grab the user’s attention. These in-feed ads are skippable. Since these ads appear only for a few seconds, you need to make the video more attractive and drive the user to perform some action. 

#3. Hashtag Challenge 

Like Instagram and Facebook, hashtags play an essential role on TikTok. The hashtag helps people to find new content on the platform. Hashtag challenges are another important feature to build your brand awareness and to promote your brand to a wider audience. These hashtag challenges boost users to create or recreate videos by using your branded hashtags. 

#4. Brand Takeovers

These ads are another important advertising feature on TikTok. Brand takeover ads are full screen it appears when a user opens the app. These ads are 3 to 5 seconds with images and videos. It will direct the user to a landing page or a hashtag challenge.  

#5. Branded Lenses And Effects

These ads allow users to add 2D and 3D lenses and effects to their videos. Creating a video with lenses is a great way to promote your business on TikTok. Also, it will boost your video engagement rate. 

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