7 Effective Story Ideas That Help to Win Instagram Engagement

Instagram stories are also a better way to do marketing. It helps you boost brand recognition and their not permanent nature to inquire with different marketing strategies for free.

Instagram stories are also more popular than ever. Over 70% of users watch stories daily, and mobile video consumption is increasing year by year. It means that if you are not already creating Instagram Stories, you should be.

In this article, I’ve compiled a list of Instagram stories proven to increase followers so you can stop posting and researching. 

1. Ask questions

If you’re looking for buyer insight about a product or service marketing, directly asking questions to your audience is fairly viable on Instagram Story idea. Adding an answer through stickers which helps to increase stories where your viewers can suggest their replies.

When you are short on plans for your future Instagram story, preparing the questions is an excellent way of choosing what content to publish next. To drive engagement and provide people what they want is a win-win strategy. 

2. Market Your Product

Promoting your brand or business through an Instagram story is a popular way to make hype and improve brand recognition. It allows you to advertise to your followers without making any advertisement strategies. 

Using product stickers which helps to identify your audience through a purchase page. If you buy views for Instagram stories, you will get more reach among the audience. Plus, it’s important to note that using product stickers is only available to establish businesses on Instagram. Alternatively, you have more than 10K followers in your account, and you can add your product link by using the “swipe up” feature. 

3. Post Inspirational quotes 

Posting motivational quotes which are related to your product are short, clear, and shareable most importantly. Inspirational, motivational, engaging, funny, inspiring, relevant to your business, or anything else. Search the web for a quote that catches your fancy and adorable. Make sure it fits your brand, copy and paste it into your Instagram story.

If you want something eye-catching, you have to use quote templates to use for your next story. It helps to reach out to your product and create more engagement. 

4. Share your Current Location

You can find more Instagram stickers when you use your stories. Instagram stories will be added to the surrounding viewer’s feeds, bringing in new viewers you wouldn’t otherwise get. Basically, any time you think it’s proper to share your location. Fingers joined you move in some audience from the Instagram feed.

5. Tease an Imminent Release

Inspire your followers by providing a sneak peek at a future product launch. Not only this, it will help produce hype before your release, but creating curiosity among the people’s early access to it. Hereby, you will get more impressions about your upcoming products. If you need more impressions, you can buy Instagram impressions for your post and make your video to reach thousands of new people. 

6. Countdowns 

Everyone prefers a countdown of a product launch, a product sale, a special day, New Year’s Eve like Black Friday or Christmas, and more. You can use a countdown sticker on your Instagram story videos to immediately dial up your audience’s expectation—tick tock.

7. Host a contest

Creating a contest is a fabulous way to stimulate engagement. Ask your followers to each comment on your Instagram story, publish their own story, add a hashtag to your account, or like your most modern post. 

Make sure that you keep an eye on your notifications and choose a winner within 24 hours. If you can’t check up the notifications, you can use apps out there to choose a winner for you. You can record your screen when using these apps that define the winner and receive the video as a story.

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