The Current Dimensions For Use On Social Media In 2023 Plus A Free Reference Guide

March 24, 2023 by No Comments

You don’t want pixelated photos to derail your social media marketing attempts at telling your company narrative and connecting with customers. Your social media presence as a whole will exude more professionalism if you take the effort to optimize your photographs for the specific platform you’re using.

Here you’ll find a handy reference to the optimal picture dimensions and ratios for use across the most popular social media platforms. A free, printable cheat sheet was also made by us.

In what ways are social media image sizes important?

You don’t want your well crafted social media plan to go for naught because of poor photo selection. Making sure your images are the correct sized for each platform aids in:

  • Enhancing engagement by customizing image settings for each platform
  • Prepare your material for the future in the event that picture size limitations are revised.
  • Seeing the whole picture so your message isn’t truncated
  • Avoiding images that are stretched or pixelated

Avoid breaking any copyright rules by solely sharing original content when publishing photographs to social media. If it’s not your own work, make sure it’s a high-quality stock photo you’re free to use.

Instagram photo proportions

The square, or 1:1, image format became widely used thanks to Instagram. In addition to the traditional square format, Instagram now also accepts horizontal and vertical photos. Since it’s a visual medium, it’s essential that the proportions of your images and videos are accurate.

Typical dimensions for images sent to Twitter

Tweets that include photos or videos receive more likes and retweets than those that don’t. Make sure you post photos and videos in the proper dimensions for Twitter if you want them to be seen.

The Proper Dimensions for Posting Photos on Facebook

You should always submit the highest resolution version of a picture to Facebook since Facebook often modifies its image size requirements.

Image dimensions for LinkedIn

You may make your LinkedIn postings more interesting by including photographs. Make sure the photographs you upload are the correct dimensions and file types.

Standard picture dimensions for use on TikTok

If you have high-quality material that is the right length and format, TikTok, one of the most popular social networking applications, may help you reach your target audience.

Measurements for Pins on Pinterest

Since Pinterest is primarily a visual network (much more so than Instagram), optimizing picture sizes is crucial. Aspect ratios often have a vertical orientation rather than a horizontal one.

SnapChat photo dimensions

Disappearing photos and videos known as “Stories” only last for 24 hours were originally introduced by Snapchat. Make sure your photographs are the right size for the app, as it continues to be a popular means for marketers to communicate with people.

YouTube picture dimensions

Your films should be of great quality and adhere to YouTube’s guidelines, but you also need to provide appropriately sized photographs for your profile page and video thumbnails.

Size guides for use on social media

If you want to have a quick reference for the appropriate dimensions of photographs for use on social media, feel free to download our free cheat sheet. And remember to come back for size adjustments from time to time!