A Comprehensive Guide To The Top 10 Instagram Functions

Instagram is, without a question, one of the largest social networking sites available today. Without Instagram, your social media marketing efforts would likely fail. Instagram, a social media platform focused on sharing photographs and videos, rose to prominence owing to its easy-to-use filter tool. But the platform wouldn’t have gotten this far with just one feature.

Instagram is continuously being updated with new features. In fact, attempting to keep up with them all may be rather exhausting. However, there are a select handful that should be prioritised if you want to get the most out of Instagram. In this article, we’ll go through the top 10 Instagram tools that every Instagram marketer needs to know about.

Instagram Real-Time Video

Just what is “live” video?

Instagram now has a feature called “Live Video” that lets users broadcast live video. Direct interaction between users and their followers is possible through the use of comments and likes.

Instagram users may invite their followers to watch a live video broadcast by placing a light ring around their profile photo in the narrative section.

Tips for Instagram Live Video

Communicate with your followers on Instagram like you would with a friend: utilising this function, users can observe interactions between their favourite brands and their fans, with users asking questions and receiving answers in real time and viewers responding with likes and hearts.

It’s a great opportunity to solicit honest feedback from real customers, so don’t be shy about starting conversations. Assume you are working on a new product and are interested in user feedback. Broadcast a video and ask people directly what they think instead of just mentioning it in a post.

Many well-known companies have improved the client engagement rates of their Instagram Live broadcasts by implementing these strategies.

IGTV (Instagram TV)

Describe IGTV in a Nutshell.

Long-form videos may be shared across accounts on IGTV, an in-app platform. The IGTV page is accessible via the Explore tab. When a user opens the IGTV tab, videos begin playing immediately rather than at the search bar.

Functions of IGTV

Instagram curates the IGTV content that users see depending on their behaviour and preferences. Anyone with a personal or commercial Instagram account may share videos to IGTV and engage with their followers and friends.

Location-Based Media

Instagram’s geo-tagging tool lets you attach a real-world location to your posts. A location library stores all the posts tagged with that place, and when a user clicks on the location in a random post or narrative post, they will be brought to that library.

Hashtag on Instagram

Insta-Hashtags: What Do They Mean?

This is undoubtedly one of Instagram’s most utilised functions. Hashtags are a type of tag that consist of a series of words and symbols. Users will write this in the caption of their post. The tag is clickable, and it connects all posts that use the same tag. If someone clicks on it, they’ll be sent to a page listing all posts tagged with that word.

Successful Use of Hashtags

Get your content found by customers by using relevant keywords: Instagram’s search feature is no Google, but it’s used regularly to identify individuals or subjects of interest using hashtags. Instagram displays results by correlating the search word with relevant hashtags. Hashtags are used to categorise posts so that Instagram users looking for a certain term or phrase may find them.

If you use the correct hashtags, you can reach those who aren’t yet following you. Hashtags that are either very relevant to your brand or really popular among Instagram users are ideal.

Instagram’s Story Format

Instagram Stories…explain.

Every day, 500 million individuals across the world use Instagram Stories. The Instagram story feature may be seen in every user’s feed directly beneath the Instagram icon. Images or movies presented in a slideshow format can be found here.

You should not worry that experimenting with Instagram’s new stories feature will compromise your aesthetic. Why? Each tale may only be seen for a total of 24 hours before it is removed from the stories page permanently. On the other hand, you may save your highlights indefinitely and sort them anyway you choose.

Instagram Ads

Do you know that after viewing a post on Instagram, 47% of users will go on to do further research or make a purchase, either online or in-store? That’s why promoting products on Instagram is becoming more and more fruitful.

Instagram commercials are described.

Instagram Ads are paid advertisements that users may view and interact with. There are various reasons to use advertisements, and this Instagram function may help you achieve those goals by boosting brand awareness, attracting new customers, and boosting sales.

The Best Ways to Use Instagram’s Story Editor

You may now efficiently manage your articles with the aid of advanced tools like search and organise. The post-schedule function, for instance, lets you publish at convenient times for your followers.

Make Something: Instagram offers a variety of tools for improving your photos and videos, and one of these is the Sound Collections feature. Sound effects from preexisting or popular media can be used, combined, or repurposed in this way. There is a lot of room for exploration in how you put this function to use.

To fine-tune your content, check out the Creator Studio analytics to see how many people have viewed your videos or interacted with your posts and adjust accordingly. You may utilise this information as constructive criticism as you develop your content strategy.