The 12 Best Ways To Increase Your Instagram Followers

Over the past decade, Instagram and its algorithm have undergone significant changes, making it more difficult to determine the best strategy for increasing your account’s visibility. It may seem more challenging than ever to boost engagement, what with a super-smart algorithm and millions of people all competing for attention.

Join Forces With a Key Opinion Leader

Instagram influencer partnerships are a terrific way to expand your reach, attract new fans, and increase engagement. Using influencers is a genuine strategy to reach your specialised market and bring in new customers.

Identifying the right kind of influencer may help you grow your Instagram following and, in turn, your business’s income. Need someone to influence you in the areas of lifestyle, fashion, diet, or exercise? Perhaps one that bridges several different markets? The first step in finding the right influencers is to define your target market and brand’s core principles.

Strategically employ hashtags

Hashtags, which first appeared on Twitter, are a simple yet effective way to increase the visibility of your brand’s message.

Hashtags increase the visibility of your posts and profiles. People can look for topics and discussions that interest them by searching for relevant tags. You can now increase the exposure of your Instagram posts by following hashtags in the same way that you follow persons.

Make Your Posts Better

The next thing you can do to increase your Instagram following is to make your posts better in general.

It’s no longer acceptable to share an unaltered photo or use Instagram only for that purpose. To get the most out of Instagram, you need to share pictures that are both interesting and unique.

Determine the Ideal Time to Share

Instagram users are spread throughout the globe and in various time zones, making it necessary to tailor when you post in order to reach your target audience. You can identify when your audience is most engaged on Instagram with the help of comprehensive analytics, allowing you to better schedule posts.

Make Pinterest Your Instagram Home

Have you thought of utilising Pinterest to increase interest in your Instagram profile? Pinterest is a traffic-driving social media platform because of its integrated search engine, which helps bring new visitors to your profiles and pages.

Distribute User-Generated Content

By showcasing user-created material, you may boost brand awareness and support your goal of providing superior service to customers.

To increase their content’s variety and authenticity, brands frequently publish UGC on their own social media pages. The same as with utilising Influencers to market a product, your Instagram reach will grow when satisfied customers produce and share UGC about your brand.

Use Instagram’s Story Function

Using Instagram’s stories feature should be an integral component of your plan if you want to grow your audience and fan base.

More than 500 million people regularly use Instagram thanks to the introduction of stories two years ago.

You may utilise the swipe up function on Instagram Stories if you have 10,000 or more followers. People will visit your website to learn more about your offerings, which will boost purchases.

Attempt IGTV

Describe Instagram TV (IGTV). You may use IGTV in instead of or in addition to your regular Instagram account. It’s Instagram’s answer to the popularity of YouTube. Videos may be shared in the feed just like any other post type or viewed in a dedicated tab on a user’s profile.

The videos you’ve already posted online can find a whole new audience on IGTV. To use on IGTV, you may simply reupload films that you’ve already shared on other sites like Facebook, YouTube, or Vimeo.

Revamp Your Captions

Now, more than ever, your feedback and bookmarks are vital. This year, the greatest approach to increase your Instagram following is to provide material that people will want to keep.

The quality of your captions plays a significant role in this. Copy that your readers will wish to keep for future reference is called “savable.”


Takeovers are mutually beneficial partnerships between a company and a public figure with a large following. Takeovers are a great way to acquire exposure to a new audience and connect with the host’s current following.

Runners’ Races

An Instagram contest’s hook is just that. These have rapidly become one of the best strategies to increase interaction and gain new followers on Instagram.

Define an entry method when collaborating with another company or influencer to put up a contest. There are many different ways to participate in a contest, including “like to win,” “comment to win,” “tag to win,” and “photo challenges” (UGC). Know that you will get results from your contest in the form of more exposure and more followers on Instagram regardless of the strategy you choose.

Advertise on Instagram

Last but not least, one of the best methods to raise the visibility of your posts and the number of people who see them organically is to use Instagram Ads. Instagram advertisements may boost organic interaction, which may seem counterintuitive.

If you already have a post up and running, you may increase the number of people who interact with it by defining a target audience and promoting the post to them.

Improving Your Instagram Exposure

Consider Instagram as a whole while trying to boost your account’s organic reach. You only need to figure out what it is about your Instagram account that attracts the most likes, comments, and follows.

You can easily cultivate an organic following on Instagram by learning the likes and dislikes of your target demographic.