The Implications of IGTV for Your Company

The Universe Is Vertical

Our shift in viewing habits from desktop to mobile devices has been validated by the advent of the Vertical video format, which has effectively revolutionised our approach to watching videos. Our expertise with Instagram Stories stems directly from the training we received from Snapchat. Even on television or YouTube, horizontal video is somewhat of a turnoff.

And as if crushing Snap with its own innovation wasn’t enough, social media juggernaut Facebook is now taking aim at YouTube. And because why not, it also takes aim at classic TV. Now, Instagram is much more than just a platform to exchange photographs with like groups; it’s a one-stop shop for users’ every social media need.

Insta HQ is clearly attempting to persuade people to spend as much time as possible on the platform, so it is consolidating the key functionality of each social channel under its own header. The other goal is to dominate the social media landscape. Since a creator’s largest following is already established on Instagram, why bother expanding to other platforms at all?

This is encouraging news for businesses who have increased their Instagram marketing efforts, since it shows that the enthusiasm is mutual. It’s making it easier for content makers and brands to use video to spread their message and attract new customers and strengthen existing relationships with their existing fan bases.

Satisfying the Public Demands

Beyond Stories, there is now the standalone IGTV app for individuals who prefer to concentrate entirely on video. Yet, IGTV takes centre stage on Instagram’s home page, making it an ideal hub for firms that want to centralise their narrative and brand journey.

There has been no slowdown in Instagram’s expansion, and the company continues to work hard to improve the app for its most important users and the companies that rely on them. On announcing IGTV, Kevin casually uttered the B-word: “(…) the entire community of one billion can utilise it.” NBD.

But, crossing the billion-view threshold is a truly monumental achievement, so don’t let Kev’s lack of enthusiasm fool you. This trend indicates that more and more individuals are using Instagram as their go-to source for content consumption, whether it be from friends and family, celebrities they look up to, or commercial enterprises.

Instagram has risen to the top of social media by listening to its users and responding to their demands: the app added support for new types of photos, then video, then Stories, then business profiles and shopping, then it tweaked its algorithm to prioritise time order, and now it’s answering users’ calls for more video with IGTV. Keeping its power users in mind when creating new features is a foolproof way to keep all Instagram users happy, and Insta knows it.

In any case, what does this mean for my company?

Vertical video has the potential to take over the world, and IGTV represents a clear, purposeful investment in that format. Most people watch videos on their phones, and the most natural and comfortable way to watch them is in a vertical orientation. The introduction of IGTV may provide the impetus that some companies need to begin experimenting with video.

We’ve heard personally from several companies that having a YouTube channel was an aspiration, but that the prospect of starting again with an entirely new audience on a different platform was daunting. With this update to the platform’s capabilities, you may finally realise a long-held goal: the creation of professional-grade branded video for an already-established fan base.

IGTV is the more polished brother of Instagram Stories, which has caused some companies to suffer since Stories tend to be too raw and the creative department has a tendency to over-produce films that are intended to be rough around the edges. The advent of IGTV has allowed businesses to have it both ways by allowing them to continue making impromptu material for Stories while also producing more long-form curated videos for the platform.

Imagine the possibilities for integration across features and the user-facing creative assets that may be developed under a company’s brand. Sharing your brand’s journey over a wider variety of touchpoints is a novel way to connect with people across the world and grow your customer base. Consider also the numerous possibilities in influencer marketing. Kevin’s group has eliminated as many restrictions as they could: “Instagram-style films can be longer than 60 seconds here. Each film, on the other hand, can be as lengthy as an hour.” This is a real television programme or something.

This is the way of the future for video, in our opinion. Consumers are spending more time than ever before consuming entertainment on their mobile devices, and we’re helping them better connect with the people who make the shows and films they like so much.

For better or worse, this is a chance for all brands right now. Modern social media marketing is a harsh, lightning-fast environment in which no company can afford to take a breath. To ensure the continued success of their long-standing relationships with customers, businesses must continually plan for the future and experiment with new approaches. One surefire strategy is to always give them something new and exciting to read.

We have a lot of trust in Instagram’s durability because of the platform’s shown capacity for evolution, which benefits both content producers and businesses. Even though API Partners don’t have access to IGTV data just yet, businesses may nevertheless confidently invest in the channel.