An Overview Of Facebook Insights For Novices

February 28, 2023 by No Comments

Facebook marketing is a very efficient strategy for expanding your business’s social media presence and attracting new customers. It’s no surprise that Facebook can reach so many people, given that it has 2 billion active users every month.

Yet, mastering and utilising Facebook’s analytic tools is essential for maximising the efficacy of your marketing campaigns on the site.

Facebook frequently adjusts the clarity with which it delivers analytics and the breadth of information it is ready to offer.

Information About the Current Page

We’ll start with a quick tutorial on how to get into Facebook’s Insights feature. Go to the ‘Insights’ section of your Facebook profile.

Your Top Performer, the post with the most impressions, reach, and interaction, as well as other information about your page, can be found in the “Insights” section of your page’s main dashboard.

Review of the Page

The most crucial Facebook stats from the past month are summarised for you in the page summary.

Due to a change made by Facebook, it is no longer possible to modify the time range for these metrics or export the raw data, at least not from this page.

You may see at a glance from these Insights how well or poorly your material did over the past month and whether or not you achieved your aims.


The last 90, 28, or 7 days of your own postings are displayed here. Dates, audiences, and interactions may all be sorted separately. If the former, then the most recent updates will be displayed first. If you select a different option, the most popular posts in terms of reach or interaction will appear at the top of the page.

Meta Business Suite now includes Facebook Insights

To get a complete picture of how well your Page is doing, you should visit Meta Business Suite. You should launch Business Suite if you’re going to spend more than three minutes perusing your data.


You may compare your page’s performance to that of your rivals by adding their URLs to the benchmarking section.

You may examine data such as the current number of Page likes, the growth (or decline) of likes over time, and the quantity of content assets released during that time.

Analysis tools for Facebook marketing on social media


Use Awario’s Facebook monitoring to keep tabs on all the discussions of your brand on Facebook.

We don’t mean to toot our own horn, but this product is fantastic since it compiles all of your Facebook mentions in one convenient location and delivers a wealth of useful marketing insights. In addition, Awario allows you to include data from other platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, media websites, and so on, into your study.

A few examples of the kinds of insights you can gain by using Awario include

  • Category of a Page Based on Age, Gender, and Sexuality (belongs to a person or a business)
  • It’s clear from the tone of the references that
  • Be Listed on the Most Mentioned Websites

With this feature, you may construct a detailed profile of the Facebook users and pages that have mentioned you.

All of your data can be exported, and you can put together a social listening report to provide to your team and interested parties.

You can only view tagged mentions on Pages, and not on individual profiles, due to restrictions imposed by Facebook’s API. For this reason, it is more probable to examine how other businesses and influential people talk about you.

Anyone interested in trying out Facebook analytics without making a long-term commitment can do so with Awario’s free 7-day trial.


All the important indicators, such as your Facebook page’s engagement rate, reach, impressions, new follower growth, post evolution, demographics, and more, are easily tracked and analysed with the help of Socialinsider.

You may enhance your Facebook tactics with the help of this analytics tool by comparing and benchmarking against leading rivals, industry influencers, and other top players.

The Facebook analytics app Socialinsider may be used to do the following:

  • Have access to a centralised dashboard including all Facebook analytics.
  • Go right to the Facebook post analysis.
  • The reach and activity of your Facebook page.
  • build Facebook metrics for evaluating against the market’s best.
  • learn how well your videos are doing.
  • presentation templates in Excel, CSV, PowerPoint, and PDF formats are available for download.

Google Data Studio with Facebook data import.


Hootsuite Analytics provides a holistic view of your social media activity in one convenient dashboard. If you work with social media analytics, this will make your life easier.

You’ll also be able to track data like follower increase over time for each of your accounts. You may customise the metrics that are displayed so that you can quickly view the information that is most important to you.

As an added bonus, you may view recommendations for peak posting hours based on your account’s previous activity.

In closing

The requirement for data-driven insights to inform strategic marketing decisions remains consistent, despite Facebook’s ever-evolving platform.

Your Facebook marketing approach may be strengthened by in-depth examination of Facebook’s data and the use of third-party solutions to fill in the gaps where Facebook falls short. You can quickly see where things went wrong and correct your course of action, or expand on the content and methods that are producing the desired outcomes.

In order to get the most out of your social media marketing efforts, it is essential to have access to thorough data. Your future success is imminent, so pay heed.