4 Simple Ways To Boost Your Instagram Engagement

Are you looking for ways to boost Instagram engagement? All you need are these four-pointers. For the time being, marketers’ favorite social media platform is Instagram. It’s easy to see why, given that it’s used by 13% of the world’s population, with 80% of the following companies. Savvy marketers are looking for strategies to boost Instagram engagement despite certain hurdles. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of 4 recommendations to help you keep your sponsored and organic marketing initiatives on track, as well as protect your Instagram marketing strategies today and in the future. Let’s get started.

4 Ways To Boost Your Instagram Engagement

1. Post regularly.

To attract followers & increase engagement rates, but how busy should they be? Knowing when to post is also essential, especially dealing with the algorithmic timeline on the platform. You could use the Insights function of the Instagram Business account or Creator account to discover your followers’ Instagram behaviors. It allows you to determine when the followers are most active & plan your updates accordingly, ensuring that your posts remain at the top of the feeds.

2. Turn on Instagram Reels.

When it comes to videos, have you taken advantage of Instagram Reels? This feature has been around since last year & has gained a lot of traction on Instagram. The software allows you to experiment with creative tools & add effects and music to your video to become an Instagram superstar. Allow yourself to be inventive with Instagram reels and buy Instagram reels likes to increase engagement and demonstrate your brand’s genuineness. You could, for example, open the curtains & display what goes on behind the scenes in a fun way. Instagram Reels may be a terrific place to showcase your company, from short tutorials to introducing your employees to teaser product videos. 

3. Look at all of the different video formats available on Instagram.

Although a picture is worth a thousand words, a video clip is worth 1.8 million. At the same time, Instagram understands this and provides various video solutions for marketers to use. Make the most of each video format, from Instagram Stories, which may combine videos & stills into a single ad, to standalone 60-second films, perfect for long-form stories. Consider using Instagram stories’ live video options for a Question & Answer or big reveals about new items and services. Alternatively, utilize a pre-recorded ad to give your fans real, behind-the-scenes stories to boost Instagram engagement. Don’t forget about IGTV as well. Although some specialists have declared the feature to be extinct, this may be a premature conclusion. Instagram intended for IGTV to be a place where users could find original lengthy video content. However, adoption has been slow, with 72 percent of brands stating no plans to generate IGTV video.

On the other hand, it creates an opportunity for astute marketers. If you run a startup business, create attractive videos and buy IGTV views to reach a large audience. They’ll also be working in a one-of-a-kind, mobile-friendly structure ideal for long-form content like featurettes & interviews.

4. Promote your Instagram account on other social media platforms.

Make as many people aware of your Instagram account as possible. Announce on Facebook, for example, promoting your Instagram account with a hyperlink to your Instagram account.


Think of your Instagram profile as a business that is constantly growing & evolving while creating deeper connections with its fans. You may maximize the potential of your Instagram channel by following these four suggestions for best practices on Instagram in 2021. You can enhance Instagram engagement & keep those likes, comments, and shares flowing no matter how the platform evolves.

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