10 Robust Instagram Marketing Ideas to Help Your Business Gain a Competitive Edge

Instagram has a monthly active user base of over a billion, a highly active fan base, and less competition. Instagram is the best location for businesses today since it enables firms to promote and market their high quality products to an engaged and focused audience without resorting to paid advertising. Since January 2018, Instagram’s API has been updated to allow users to publish videos and images to their Business Social media Profiles via any viable third-party platform. This makes it fairly simple and seamless for businesses to exploit the platform’s power and diversity. Additionally, this incredible platform features a slew of influencers with a sizable follower base.

Bear in mind that with the right plan, you, too, may one day become a massively important brand. You must commit to publishing high-quality, exclusive content in order to maintain contact with your current followers while also attracting new ones. However, it can be difficult to determine which types of content would be most effective at increasing engagement and keeping your audience interested. Also, you can buy Instagram likes monthly for your posts to boost engagement and put your content in front of the target audience.

Let’s take a look at some effective techniques for growing your brand on Instagram.

Switch to Instagram for Your Business Profile as Soon as Possible

According to Neil Patel, prior to developing an efficient marketing strategy for your business, you should confirm that you have switched to an Instagram Business Account. Converting your personal account to a corporate account is simple and painless. To get started, simply navigate to the settings and push or click on “Switch to Business Profile.” In this context, it’s critical to recognise the numerous benefits of a corporate profile.

For example, followers might easily tap on the contact link to contact you directly from your Instagram profile, exactly like they would on your website.Additionally, your company profile on Instagram will enable you to create and publish Instagram adverts independently of Facebook’s advertising tools. You may have simple access to specialist Instagram analytics tools dubbed Instagram Insights that provide important facts about the total reach and views of all your posts.

Once you’ve discovered the free bonuses connected with a Business social media account, all you have to do is use them to track metrics and gain a better understanding of your target demographic.

Take a Novel Approach

Your focus should be on the one-of-a-kind solution you provide rather than on the individual things you sell. You must probably add value to your clientele while maintaining a professional appearance. Always keep in mind that visual material is your most valuable and critical asset on Instagram. If you run a service-based firm, you must place a premium on showcasing the process of providing the service. Demonstrate your company’s culture, give some helpful hints and how-tos, and inform the public about your mission and vision. Utilize Instagram to its full potential by publishing high-resolution images, one-minute movies, or even short videos.

You can gain Instagram auto likes with the assistance of reputable digital marketing businesses.

Select Instagram Stories.

Instagram Stories are characterised by their slideshow format. Your post would be valid for 24 hrs only and would automatically expire after that time period. Stories was developed in direct competition with Snapchat Stories. The following are some of the advantages of using Stories for brands and businesses.

  • Stories are strategically placed beneath the Instagram logo and directly above followers’ timelines.
  • Best for capturing content from behind-the-scenes.
  • Excellent for experimenting with a variety of multimedia kinds, including images, video clip, live video, reversed video, and Boomerang.
  • Using Stories to successfully tag other accounts, such as @instagram, is ideal for influencers and collaboration.
  • The inclusion of fun features like facial filters, stickers, and text enables you to customise photos on-the-go.

Bear in mind that all films and images you upload will play in the order in which they were added. Additionally, from March 2017, Instagram Stories adverts were available to all brands and enterprises worldwide. You can make the most of your Stories by efficiently reaching new audiences and include call-to-actions in your collages, which can be extremely valuable for promotional purposes.

Identify, track, and even engage with all of your ideal customers

Identifying your ideal demographic or customers on Instagram is not difficult. You must analyse the finances of businesses that appear to be quite similar to yours. You may fairly believe that these profiles follow other firms in your industry, they are likely interested in the service and products. For instance, if you are a fitness instructor, you may like to follow individuals who are fans of certain well-known personal trainers. If you manage a marketing agency, it’s a good thing to hire certain well-known marketing firms.

Utilize Several Free Instagram Tools

Instagram business accounts are comparable to those on Facebook. You may check information like engagement rates, impressions, and more with Instagram Insights.

You might easily obtain a statistical makeup of the followers, which could contain vital information such as their gender, ages, most engaged hours, and location, among other things.

Insights are not simply aggregated data; they provide specific information on your posts and provide the engagement rates you’ve received over a specified time period, as well as information about your top posts. Instagram’s free features are simply priceless because they can be used to determine how consumers connect and interact with all of your content.

Once you understand this, you may edit your posts to increase engagement. You might employ product teasers, which are designed to attract the viewer’s interest.


You must continually evaluate your accomplishments.Consider developing your Instagram marketing plan in light of the results of that analysis. Remember that you may utilise effective tools to not only schedule your efforts in advance, but also to track their progress utilising vital social media analytics. You must regularly track interaction, following count, and clicks in order to optimise and improve your marketing strategy. Your Instagram Business profile will produce outstanding results based on your commitment, effort, and hard work. You should remember to regularly follow the aforementioned suggestions, and you will quickly have the ability to push ahead of the competition.

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